HKS Dry Carbon Engine Cover Toyota Yaris GR 20+

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SKU: 70026-AT006

A dress-up part that replaces the genuine engine cover.
By using Ayaori carbon, the atmosphere in the engine room is upgraded to a luxurious appearance.
By transplanting the soundproofing material attached to the back of the genuine cover, you can ensure the same sound insulation performance as the genuine one.
Fresh air taken in from the front passes between the back of the bonnet and the cover.
The HKS engine cover is shaped to improve the rectification effect in the engine room compared to the genuine engine cover.

As a result of the test, it was confirmed that the HKS engine cover allows more fresh air to pass between the back of the bonnet and the cover at the same vehicle speed than the genuine engine cover.
It is a design unique to HKS that does not compromise not only in dressing up but also in functionality.

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