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Toyota GR Yaris Rear Upper Adjustable Camber Suspension Arms Kit - DNA Racing

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This kind of arms are used on the rear multilink type of suspension on many Volkswagen and derived applications.
Our arms present three main features compared to the stock ones:
1. They are adjustable giving you the possibility of changing camber angle.
More negative camber angle will definitely improve the handling of your vehicle, giving you the possibility of getting more tire surface area to the ground. The adjustment setting operation is very easy and can be achieved without removing the arms.
2. They are fitted with spherical motorsport grade bearings, on one side, and Black 90 shore Powerflex bushes on the other side. This solution is a lot more rigid compared to the stock one. And this means a more stable system that will reduce the unwanted movement of the suspension and consequently of the wheel. The result is a more precise suspension system that will improve the handling of your vehicle.
3. The main structure of the arm has been created from a billet of 6061 T6 aluminum alloy. The particular shape has been designed and optimized using a FEM computerized analysis. This allow us to give the best rigidity/weight ratio. The components are finished using a very nice red and yellow anodize color.

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